Access to Space for All Initiative

A single opportunity has limited impact but a structured initiative has long-lasting effects permeating all societal pillars


The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) has conducted capacity-building activities such as conferences and training courses for almost 50 years. However, we have noticed an increasing demand for hands on expertise related to access to space. To answer to the increasing demand for hands-on capacity-building, UNOOSA started to provide hands on opportunities in collaboration with various partners back in 2012 and, in 2018, launched the Access to Space for All Initiative which organizes all the hands-on opportunities offered by UNOOSA in three different tracks of increasing complexity, aiming at developing capacity in different space-related areas from A to Z.

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Hypergravity/Microgravity Track Satellite Development Track Exploration Track
DropTES KiboCUBE ISONscope
HyperGES Vega-C  
China Space Station    
Dream Chaser    


Open opportunities


*Webinars dedicated to each of the programmes are found on each page.

Hypergravity/Microgravity Webinar Series: Every Wednesday 21 April - 16 June
A new series of 9 webinars with experts all over the world to introduce
what Hypergravity/Microgravity is and the benefits, what type of research can be done, the fundamentals and technical aspects of research/development and more!
We will also dive into specific scientific topics such as life science, physical science and technology demonstration.
For the agenda and more details, please click here.  
Webinar#9- Regional Activities 
When: Wednesday 16 June 2021 10:30CEST/16:30CEST
Registration:  For Webinars#2-9, please register from the link here.
Please register before 17:00CEST of the day before the session you want to attend or the link will not be sent on time.
If you  have already registered once, you do not need to register again. The link for the webinars are the SAME for ALL WEBINARS. If you have received the link once, you can use it repeatedly.

For past webinars, please see here.

Past webinars

Find all the materials of the webinar here. Webinars related to each programme can be found under each programme page. 
Hypergravity/Microgravity Webinar Series
21 April 2021: Introduction to Hypergravity/Microgravity
28 April 2021: Life Science: Biology
5 May 2021: Life Science: Physiology
12 May 2021: Life Science: Pharmacology
19 May 2021: Physical Science: Material Science
26 May 2021: Physical Science: Fluid Dynamics
2 June 2021: Technology Demonstration
9 June 2021: UNOOSA Hypergravity/Microgravity Track Opportunities
Information Briefing Webinar
10 March 2021: What is the Access to Space for All Initiative?

Tips on how to improve your application
The Office organized a series of webinars to help potential applicants to improve their applications. (Series conducted in Fall/Winter 2020) 
How to raise awareness about your project
Find all the materials of the webinar here
Space Law and Regulations
Find all the materials of the webinar here
Ask a winner
Find all the materials of the webinar here
Access to Space for All and Artificial Intelligence
Find all the materials of the webinar here


Our Current Partners


Partnership is a distinctive feature of the Initiative. The Access to Space for All Initiative is only possible thanks to partnerships with various public and private actors, who are contributing to the initiative in various manners. New contributions to the Initiative are possible and encouraged.

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