The United Nations/China Cooperation on the Utilization of the China Space Station

The First Announcement of Opportunity for Space Experiments on-board China Space Station 

Current status: All received applications are currently under evaluation by the Project Evaluation and Selection Committee (PESC). Preliminary selection results are expected to come out at the end of January 2019 and will be notified to Principle Investigators (PIs) by UNOOSA in early February 2019. Shortlisted PIs will also receive technical specification related documents of CSS and requirements for preparing their Implementation Scheme to be sumbitted for the final selection scheduled in June 2019.  

Apply by downloading, completing and submitting the Application Form.

Deadline extended by one month to 30 September 2018

Deadline Extension Notice

Dear applicants,
Upon request from potential applicants, in order to provide enough time for you to prepare applications in response to this 1st Announcement of Opportunity (AO) for flying your space experiments on-board the China Space Station (CSS), the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) and the China Manned Space Agency (CMSA) have decided to extend the AO deadline by one month to  30 September 2018 for the international space community and all United Nations Member States to submit their applications. Please note that neither UNOOSA nor CMSA have authorized any third party to solicitate applications through the third party, and that the only authoritative source to call for and solicitate applications from the international community and all United Nations Member States for flying on-board the CSS is UNOOSA via THIS website, and....... more details

Important links:

First Announcement of Opportunity with Updated Deadline (PDF Format, English)
Application Form (Word Format, for filling out application, English)
Application Form (PDF format, for reference only, English)
Handbook on China Space Station (PDF Format, English) 

Leaflet for UN/China Cooperation on China Space Station

The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA), in cooperation with the China Manned Space Agency (CMSA), is pleased to launch the "United Nations/China Cooperation on the Utilization of the China Space Station" programme under the framework of the UNOOSA's Human Space Technology Initiative (HSTI). Through this programme, UNOOSA intends to capitalize on the technological and innovative skills of the Government of China to benefit Member States of the United Nations, in particular developing countries, thereby contributing to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through increasing access to space.

The programme is jointly implemented by UNOOSA and CMSA. It provides scientists from around the world with an opportunity to conduct their own experiments on board China's Space Station (CSS). It is an innovative and future-focused programme to open up space exploration activities to all nations and to create a new paradigm in building capabilities in space science and technology.

The Announcement of Opportunity (AO) is the first invitation for scientific experiments on-board the CSS under the programme. The Handbook provides detailed technical information on the CSS and its resources for international cooperation. Applicants need to provide their proposal for space experiments and information on their team in the Application Form, which will be the mainstay for the preliminary selection.

Scope of opportunity

Through this Announcement of Opportunity, UNOOSA and CMSA have agreed to provide Member States of the United Nations with three types of opportunities:

Modality 1: Conducting experiments inside the CSS by utilizing experiment payloads developed by selected applicants.
Modality 2: Conducting experiments inside the CSS by utilizing experiment facilities already provided by China.
Modality 3: Conducting experiments outside the CSS by utilizing payloads developed by selected applicants.

Eligibility criteria

This opportunity is open to all Member States of the United Nations, with particular attention to developing countries. Public and private organizations with a scientific orientation and fundamental capabilities are eligible to apply. Two or more organizations from developed and developing countries are encouraged to submit a joint application(s). Applicants are responsible for the development of their projects.

Application submission

The fully completed application form, including a signed and stamped endorsement page, must be submitted to UNOOSA by the deadline 30 September 2018 by email and post to the following contact:

c/o: Aimin Niu (Mr.)
United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs
United Nations Office at Vienna
Vienna International Centre
P.O. Box 500, A-1400 Vienna, Austria
Phone: (+43 1) 26060-4957
Fax: (+43 1) 26060-5830

Press release

United Nations and China invite applications to conduct experiments on-board China's Space Station (28 May 2018)
United Nations and China agree to increased space cooperation (16 June 2016)

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