Notifications from States & Organizations: 2020

Information received in accordance with the Registration Convention has been issued by the United Nations in the ST/SG/SER.E document series.

Information provided in accordance with General Assembly resolution 1721 B (XVI) has been issued in the A/AC.105/INF. series.

Note: Parentheses contain notifying States or Organizations.

* denotes a registration submission that is being processed by the United Nations Secretariat.

Registration Submissions under Article IV of the Registration Convention

  • ST/SG/SER.E/856* (China)
  • ST/SG/SER.E/859* (USA)
  • ST/SG/SER.E/877* (USA)
  • ST/SG/SER.E/880* (USA)
  • ST/SG/SER.E/886 (France)
  • ST/SG/SER.E/898* (China)
  • ST/SG/SER.E/902 (Japan)
  • ST/SG/SER.E/554/Add.1* (United Kingdom)
  • ST/SG/SER.E/907 (Germany)
  • ST/SG/SER.E/911* (New Zealand)
  • ST/SG/SER.E/670/Add.1* (Mexico)
  • ST/SG/SER.E/916 (Australia)
  • ST/SG/SER.E/920 (Russian Federation)
  • ST/SG/SER.E/921* (New Zealand)
  • ST/SG/SER.E/922 (United Kingdom)  
  • ST/SG/SER.E/923 (Russian Federation)
  • ST/SG/SER.E/924* (USA)
  • ST/SG/SER.E/925* (Russian Federation)
  • ST/SG/SER.E/926 (India)
  • ST/SG/SER.E/927* (Brazil)
  • ST/SG/SER.E/928* (USA)
  • ST/SG/SER.E/929* (Canada)
  • ST/SG/SER.E/930 (Belgium)
  • ST/SG/SER.E/931* (Hungary)
  • ST/SG/SER.E/577/Add.1* (United Arab Emirates)
  • ST/SG/SER.E/932* (Mexico)
  • ST/SG/SER.E/933* (New Zealand)
  • ST/SG/SER.E/934* (France)


Notifications of the establishment of national registries under Article II of the Registration Convention

  • ST/SG/SER.E/INF/42* (Hungary)

Registration Submissions under General Assembly resolution 1721B (XVI)


Notifications under Article XI of the Outer Space Treaty

Other Notifications


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